Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TV Geek Out 124: Lost, "Some Like It Hoth"

TV Geek Out continues our coverage of Lost's fifth season with this discussion of the amusingly titled "Some Like It Hoth." It's Miles' first solo flashback episode! His story here is about his daddy issues, and his journey from a confused young child just starting to hear dead people to an adult whose special skills are a sought-after commodity. In Miles' "present," 1970s Dharmaville, Horace brings him into the "circle of trust" and has him haul a "package" around the island -- and Hurley ends up along for the ride. Because riding with Hugo is as good as taking truth serum, Miles soon spills the beans that there's a dead body on board and, yes, he talks to ghosts; this is all okay, though, since Hurley also chills with the dead and is "writing" The Empire Strikes Back in a Dharma composition book. They also talk to the dude from the Orientation videos himself, Dr. Pierre Chang, whom Miles reveals is his father. Meanwhile, Phil confronts LaFleur about him kidnapping Ben, and a very beloved scientist from Ann Arbor finally returns! Listen in as we discuss all the goings-on here.

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