Monday, March 1, 2010

TV Geek Out 131: Lost, "LA X," Part 2

TVGO returns with the second part of our "LA X" discussion, in which we talk about the aftermath of Jacob's murder in the foot of the statue. Among other things, Ben finds out that the real Locke is dead and that his impostor is actually also the Smoke Monster -- when he changes form and kills all of the armed men Ilana sends into the crumbling structure! UnLocke then terrifies Ben some more as he chats with him about how pitiful Locke was and shares the man's dying thoughts with his murderer. When UnLocke finally emerges, he sets his sights on Richard, they exchange some cryptic dialogue, and he knocks Alpert out with a few frighteningly strong blows and carries him into the jungle. Meanwhile, the group that just traveled back to the future from the '70s heads to the Temple, where they're quickly caught by some other Others, lead by an awesome samurai. Some quick thinking by Hurley gets the Others to spare their lives and then attempt to "save" the dying Sayid. It doesn't work... until several minutes later when Sayid seemingly comes back from the dead! Listen in as Heather, Perry, and Dana discuss all the goings-on and theorize about the coming season here!

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