Friday, March 5, 2010

TV Geek Out 133: Lost, "What Kate Does"

TV Geek Out is back to our coverage of Lost's 6th season with this discussion of "What Kate Does." Yes, Darlton dared to give us a Kate-isode as the follow-up to the awesome season premiere, and a lot of viewers were not happy, to put it mildly! Even here at the Geek Out, opinions were varied. The episode's flash-sideways focus on Kate's taxi-cab getaway from the airport, with Claire in tow. Kate winds up magically transforming the pregnant girl from a frightened hostage into a trusting friend when she helps her out and even takes her to the hospital after she goes into premature labor. In the island storyline, Sawyer makes his own getaway from the Temple, and Kate, Jin, and a couple of Others head out on a mission to retrieve him. It's not long before Kate has ditched the posse, and she heads to New Otherton on her own, where she finds Sawyer in no mood for company. Meanwhile, Dogen tortures Sayid to test his true allegiance, and determines that he's been infected and "claimed," and tries to get Jack to give him a pill -- filled with poison! All this, and Jin runs into the long-lost Claire -- looking extremely disheveled -- in the jungle when she takes out the Others he's with just as they're about to kill him. Listen in as Perry, Dana, and Heather have a lively debate over the quality of Kate-isodes, freak out over the surprise appearance of Dr. Ethan in L.A., praise the acting of Josh Holloway, and more here.

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