Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TV Geek Out 134: Lost, "The Substitute"

TV Geek Out covers the first Locke episode of Lost's 6th season, "The Substitute," in this epic discussion. The flash-sideways follow Locke as he gets home from his trip to Australia, and we find out that he's still with Helen in this reality, and they're even engaged to be married! After getting fired from his job, he runs into a very upbeat Hurley, who hooks him up with some employment services. There, Locke meets Rose, who still has cancer, and she helps him come to terms with his limitations. Later, when Locke gives up on trying to get fixed and comes clean to Helen about his activities in Australia, the two have a very sweet heart-to-heart. Locke's new job turns out to be as a substitute teacher at a high school, where he meets... Ben Linus, European History teacher! On the island, UnLocke has a little chat with Alpert, in which it comes to light just how much Jacob had kept Richard in the dark. UnLocke asks him to come away with him, but he's rebuffed, so he moves on to a very drunk Sawyer in New Otherton. As Ilana tells Ben over the remains of Jacob, UnLocke is recruiting, and he does his darnedest to win over James Ford. It takes a trip down Jacob's ladder and into a dark cave, but the episode ends with a "hell yes!" from Sawyer, so UnLocke seems to have added a member to his entourage. Listen in as Dana, Heather, and Perry geek out about the return of The Numbers, the awesomeness of FranticRichard, and the surprise flash-sideways appearance of Ben; ponder who the mysterious young boy in the jungle is; and chat about all the other goings-on here.

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