Friday, March 19, 2010

TV Geek Out 135: Lost, "Lighthouse"

TV Geek Out covers the Jack-centric season-6 episode "Lighthouse," in which Hurley and Jack go on a mission from Jacob, and crazy Claire tends to Jin's wounded leg and interrogates the life out of an Other. In the flash-sideways, we find out that Jack has a teenage son, but -- surprise, surprise -- the two have a strained relationship. Jack makes strides toward mending things with the boy, and in so doing, starts working through his own daddy issues. Island Jack has much less clarity of purpose, and when his trip with Hurley takes them to a mysterious lighthouse, he learns that Jacob has been spying on many of them since they were children. This leads Jack to smash things and stare out at the ocean, but it all seems to be part of Jacob's twisted plan. TV Geeks Dana and Heather tackle this one sans Perry, debating the direction of the season and the quality of the episode, and discussing everything from the symbolism of mirrors to Alice in Wonderland references, tie-ins to season-one episodes, and how dashing Dogen looks in a suit. Check it all out here.

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