Friday, April 16, 2010

TV Geek Out 141: Lost, "Recon"

If any of Lost's flash-sideways deserve to be spun off into their own shows, it's the tantalizing glimpse we saw of Sawyer and Miles as cop buddies during "Recon." Who wouldn't want to watch the adventures of James Ford and Miles Straume as members of the LAPD who laugh, learn and love? Those are the lessons Ford seemed to be catching onto as he watched "Little House," blew a date with Charlotte Lewis and apprehended a certain fetching fugitive. Meanwhile, on the Island, Sawyer was playing a game with big stakes, hoping to set up UnLocke and Widmore so that they'd take each other out. "Recon" may not have had the most answers out of Season 6's episodes, but it sure was entertaining. Dana, Perry and Heather geek out about it here.

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