Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TV Geek Out 142: True Blood, "Never Let Me Go"

As HBO re-airs season 2 of True Blood, TV Geek Out gets back to our coverage of the deliciously devious show. In the season's fifth episode, "Never Let Me Go," things pick up in Dallas where they left off. Jessica has ordered a man off the room-service menu for dinner, and he's been delivered by Barry the bellhop -- another telepath! Sookie proceeds to chase him down and stalk him throughout the episode; meanwhile, Bill tries to rein in Jessica, but only manages to push her toward Hoyt. Later the vampires clash over how to handle the Godric situation, but eventually decide that Sookie should do some undercover recon at the Fellowship of the Sun church. At the same time, the Soldiers of the Sun are in hardcore boot-camp mode, where the rivalry between Jason and the Lukinator is heating up, and so is Sarah's passion for Jason's "talents"; even Rev. Steve Newlin can't help but show golden-boy Jason his massive stockpile of weaponry. Back in Bon Temps, Sam is connecting with Daphne, even more so after he discovers her similar shapeshifting abilities. Also, Maryann cranks up her manipulation of Tara, asking her if she and Eggs can crash at Chez Stackhouse, and not really taking no for an answer. All of this pales in comparison, though, to the Viking Flashback(!) to Eric's death and "rebirth" via Godric -- his maker! Listen in as True Blood geeks Dana and Heather discuss all this and more here!

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