Friday, July 9, 2010

TV Geek Out 156: Gleekout 2

If there was any doubt that Glee is the TV series of the moment, its 19 Emmy nominations proved that there is a lot to love about this show. However, the second half of its debut season also revealed some cracks in its foundation: repetitive jokes, disappearing plots and characters, and musical numbers that were increasingly separated from the show's reality of a misfit glee club trying to prove itself in an Ohio high school. Despite, or perhaps because of, themed episodes and celebrity cameos, the show seemed to lose its focus somewhat compared to the funny and heartfelt first half of the season -- a difference made all the more disappointing after its lengthy hiatus. But just because the TV Geek Out geeks find a few faults with Glee doesn't mean we don't like the show; we're critical because we care about it! Check out our season-one postmortem and our hopes for season two here.

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