Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TV Geek Out 157: True Blood, "I Will Rise Up"

TV Geek Out covers one of True Blood's most epic episodes ever, season two's ninth installment, "I Will Rise Up." In the gory aftermath of the Lukinator's suicide-bombing, Eric tricks Sookie into drinking his blood, and Bill warns her that she might start to find herself sexually attracted to the Viking vamp. This leads to one of the awesomest (for those of us who like men) True Blood scenes ever, her first sexy dream of Eric! Back in Bon Temps, Hoyt finally stands up to his mom, and has her meet Jessica at Merlotte's, but that goes about as badly as you'd expect. Lafayette sticks up for Tara, and he and Lettie Mae forcibly rescue her from Maryann's clutches... or so they hope. Sam escapes from jail as a fly, which pisses Maryann off, and she sets practically the whole town out after him. Meanwhile, back in Dallas, Sookie and Jason have a sweet heart-to-heart bonding session. But the big event of the episode is Godric's suicide "meeting of the sun" on the roof of the hotel, after rejecting Eric's tearful pleas for him not to do it. Sookie stays with Godric through the whole ordeal, and Godric passes on peacefully. TV geeks Heather and Dana discuss this moving episode here.

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