Thursday, June 30, 2011

TV Geek Out 207: True Blood, "Everything Is Broken"

TV Geek Out covers the ninth episode of True Blood's third season, "Everything Is Broken," which saw the pinnacle of the season in its final scene of Russell Edgington shockingly killing a newscaster on live TV and delivering a harsh polemic about the superiority of vampires over humanity. Lots of other blood is hitting the fan as well, though. Nan Flanagan and the V-Feds show up at Fangtasia and force Eric to deliver a statement via web-cam to the Authority about the recent events, Jason gets into more trouble with the people of Hotshot, Sam beats the crap out of Crystal's dad, Calvin, and Jason kills Franklin after he reappears and attempts to take Tara's life. Among the less alarming developments, Jesus and Lafayette enjoy the afterglow of their first night together and Bill unintentionally travels to the strange realm that Sookie recently visited and meets Claudine -- who tells him what Sookie is!! TV geeks Heather and Dana discuss all this and much more here!

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TV Geek Out said...

Just a quick correction: I mistakenly referred to actor Denis O'Hare, who plays Russell Edgington, as David O'Hare in this podcast.