Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TV Geek Out 208: True Blood, "I Smell a Rat" and "Fresh Blood"

TV Geek Out covers the two episodes of True Blood's third season leading up to the finale, "I Smell a Rat" and "Fresh Blood." In "I Smell a Rat," the season's tenth installment, lots of secrets are being revealed -- Sookie finally learns what she is; Jason tells Tara the truth about Eggs' death and learns an unexpected secret about Crystal; Lafayette and Jesus go on a crazy V trip and uncover their ancestors' connections with witchcraft; and flashbacks reveal some very dark secrets about Sam's past misdeeds. Also, Sookie and Eric finally kiss in real life, but then he throws her in his dungeon! In "Fresh Blood," the 11th episode of the season, Lafayette gets creeped out by some scary V "aftershocks"; a drunken Sam alienates everyone at his bar, including his brother, and sleeps with Tara; and Eric saves himself by telling Russell that he can offer him the sun. Meanwhile, Bill battles Pam, and Sookie and Bill briefly escape before Russell and Eric drag them back to Fangtasia, where the two eventually feed on Sookie and go outside to walk in the daylight, which Eric has revealed to Bill is a trap to kill the vampire king. Listen in as TV geeks Dana and Heather discuss all of this and much more here!

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