Monday, July 11, 2011

TV Geek Out 209: True Blood, "Evil Is Going On"

TV Geek Out covers the season 3 finale of True Blood, "Evil Is Going On," which brought the season to a close in a very open-ended way and continued the show's tradition of less than satisfying finales. Among the episode's many events, Sookie rescues Eric and Russell from death-by-sunlight, Jason loses Crystal to a V-crazed Felton, Lafayette learns that Jesus is a witch, and Eric and Bill bury Russell in wet cement. Sookie also learns some heartbreaking truths about Bill and leaves with Claudine to the fairy realm -- one of several cliffhangers. Others included Tara leaving town, Bill engaging the queen of Louisiana in a battle to the death, and Sam shooting at Tommy as he tried to run off with his money. Listen in as TV geeks Dana and Heather discuss all this, bitch about Godric visions, wonder why half the characters aren't acting like themselves at all, and more here!

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