Friday, June 1, 2012

TV Geek Out 235: Mad Men, "Tea Leaves"

The TV Geek Out crew discusses episode 3 of Mad Men's 5th season, "Tea Leaves."

Betty Draper makes her first appearance of the season in this episode, and when she isn’t busy pounding down Bugles or failing to fit into fancy evening wear, she’s feeling sorry for herself because she might have cancer. Meanwhile, the Rolling Stones are in New York City and the head of Heinz lets Don know he wants to sign those boys to sing about beans, prompting Draper to spend some time backstage at the rock show with Harry Crane, who enjoys his night away from his wife and child by smoking pot, plowing through a sack of White Castles, and hitting on teenage girls. Meanwhile Pete makes a successful power play, Megan reveals she has Betty’s number, and we see the inside of the Adams – sorry, I mean Francis – house. Join TV geeks Dana, Perry, and Heather as they read the tea leaves left behind by this typically excellent Mad Men episode.

Listen to it all here!

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